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Because covert action RPGs are good for the soul

8. Hitman: Absolution (2012)

Just some of the many fun ways for us to make people disappear

Developer: IO Interactive

Genre: Stealth

Hitman, Agent 47, Bald, Escape, Assassin, Murder, Kill, Game

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When Agent 47’s previous handler goes rogue, he is sent to eliminate her. However, he hesitates, and is soon rewarded with the task of keeping a teenage girl from the Agency.

Like in all Hitman games, by using a huge array of possibilities, you are to eliminate your given target within the designated area.

For all of us who enjoy stealthily eliminating a mark and leaving the area in style, Absolution has it all. Much like Agent 47 himself, the game is a no-frills, effective product.

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