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10 Most Overpowered Ultimates in League of Legends
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1. Glacial Prison (Sejuani)

Only one champion has an ultimate ability that is better than Amumu’s and that is Sejuani. She is an incredibly tough grizzly riding fighter from the Freljord. She loathes Ashe and her desires of peace, and she resolves all conflicts through brutal violence. She fits excellently into the League.

Her ultimate is very similar to Amumu’s. It is a wide aoe stun that deals a large amount of damage. Only it is a ranged ability. This allows Sejuani to miss, but it also allows her to engage over walls with zero reaction time from the enemy. Even Amumu has to bandage toss over the wall which gives the enemy carries time to react. Sejuani doesn’t allow anyone to escape. She definitely has the strongest ultimate ability in the game right now.

This concludes our list for the most overpowered ultimates in League of Legends. Let us know in the comments below which your favorite ult and champion is.

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