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Time to get medieval!
Time to get medieval!

1. Europa Universalis IV

What better way to end this list than with an epic grand strategy game that begins at the closing of the Late Middle Ages?

Europa Universalis IV gives you the entire world as your playground, from the verdant jungles of the Amazon to the arid wastes of the Sahara. Victory can be achieved through a variety of methods, from bloody military conquest to trade dominance. Alliances can be made and broken.

Europa Universalis IV 01

Dominating your neighbors

Religion and technology play vital roles in your efforts. Additionally, you’ll be participating in historical events such as the Discovery of the New World, the French Revolution, and the Protestant Reformation. So it’s as educational as it is exhilarating!

Europa Universalis IV remains one of the best medieval war games to play, especially if you’ve got world domination in mind!

Europa Universalis IV 02

They will soon be food for the sharks

Europa Universalis IV 03

A world shrouded in the darkness of war

Honorable Mention:

We love us some Medieval II: Total War, a war game boasting 22 factions (including the Holy Roman Empire and England); bloody conflicts involving Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East; and gripping strategy that has hundreds upon hundreds of troops hacking away at body parts in enormous blood-soaked battlefields. It was released in 2006, however, so despite its awesomeness, it didn’t make the cut in the top 11.

How about you, fellow gamers? Care to share with us your best medieval war games?

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