11 Best Medieval War Games To Play in 2015: Page 6 of 11

Time to get medieval!
Time to get medieval!

6. Stronghold Kingdoms

Castle-building goes massively multiplayer in Stronghold Kingdoms. And it’s free, to boot!

This real-time strategy game gives you a persistent online world in which to erect your massive fortresses. You begin with a single village, but by making strategic choices, your settlement will grow with your power and influence.

Stronghold Kingdoms 01

Build, build, build

There is no one way to enjoy this title, thanks to a huge research tree and the incorporation of various elements (economic, political, architectural, etc.). You can work with a faction of players to take down rivals and defend your realm, or do things solo. You can bring the slaughter to your enemies’ doorsteps, or you can opt for peace and raise sheep within the safety of your walls. You can be a trader, a farmer, or a diplomat. Lastly, a strong social element means you’ll always be interacting with fellow players, which is key to your progress in the game.

Few medieval games this ambitious in scope are as well-executed as Stronghold Kingdoms!

Stronghold Kingdoms 02

The one ring

Stronghold Kingdoms 03

This place looks busy!

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