11 Best Medieval War Games To Play in 2015: Page 10 of 11

Time to get medieval!
Time to get medieval!

2. Crusader Kings II

Cutting throats and bathing in the blood of your enemies your thing? You’ll get a kick out of Crusader Kings II.

You’re given a single dynasty to take to the top between 1066 and 1454. To help you do that, you’ve got your usual tools of the trade: military, religion, trade, assassinations, etc. You can even marry off your children to maintain political alliances, which in turn can produce offspring with advanced attributes certain to further your endeavors.

Crusader Kings II 01

Lands to conquer

But there’s a plethora of other unique systems at play. Tax laws? Gender laws? Intrigue? Your character believing he’s possessed by demons? It’s incredibly complex, making it one of the best medieval war games in existence.

Crusader Kings II 02

People to exploit

Crusader Kings II 03

A view of conquest

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