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5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – “The Trail” Opening Cinematic

If you have an inquisitive mind like mine, you’ve probably spent countless nights wondering what it would be like if a raven tore through somebody’s skull. Well, this cinematic trailer is sure to satisfy the curiosity of us special few!

In “The Trail,” scenes of violence and war are interspersed with quieter moments. The latter reveals Geralt of Rivia as a man who’s more than a master swordfighter – he’s also cunning and intelligent, able to read the environment for clues about its recent history. As for the lady he’s pursuing… wow, I hope I never get on her bad side. Seriously, the things she’s capable of? It’s like watching a horror movie.

Packed with action, magic, and heavy helpings of gloom and doom, this is one of the best video game trailers in existence.

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