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League of Legends: 10 Epic Moments That Shocked Fans Worldwide
The greatest moments in gaming history!

8. ZionSpartan's Nasus backdoor against TSM

The 2014 LCS Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals ended in an exciting moment that shocked fans all around the world. TSM was putting pressure on DIG as they were fishing for a kill. The game had been going for over 50 minutes and TSM knew that they could win if they managed to get just one kill.

However, while all of TSM was putting pressure on the mid lane base turret, ZionSpartan who was playing Nasus for DIG teleported into the opposing base. There were no minions present but  ZionSpartan could close out the game anyway. The race was on! TSM scattered trying to recall in order to save their base, but the rest of ZionSpartan’s team was denying as best they could. Eventually TSM’s Amazing (Lee Sin) made it back to base, but it was too late. Nasus closed the game with less than 200 HP left.

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