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League of Legends: 10 Epic Moments That Shocked Fans Worldwide
The greatest moments in gaming history!

 2. Xpeke's famous backdoor

All League of Legends players should be familiar with this shocking moment. Xpeking has become a verb since the feat he accomplished was so impressive. In a very, very tight game against SK gaming, Xpeke took a huge chance as Kassadin by trying to backdoor and finish the game. Only Olaf on the opposing team was there to stop him, but that is when the “Xpeking” started. To Xpeke means that you are kiting another player around the Nexus which is what he did with Kassadin. Every time Olaf got close he would simply Riftwalk to the other side. This resulted in an extremely close win and one of the most epic and tense moments in gaming history.

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