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Turn-Based Strategy Games
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11) Into the Breach

Into the Breach Gameplay Trailer

While Subset did an incredible job with FTL, they surpassed themselves with this year’s Into the Breach, their take on mech battles. Inspired by Kaiju movies with time travel elements, you control soldiers who are the last line of defense in a future where giant monsters have attacked humanity. Some characterization options, and a progression system that makes sure you use all the different mechs at your disposition, give Into the Breach a fresh feeling every time you play it. The difficulty from FTL also carries into this game, the campaign mode is challenging and will have you playing for hours. The creators of FTL outdid themselves and made a fantastic game that should become popular in the following years.

Into the Breach Gameplay 1

Into the Breach, lets you fight giant monsters in a 16-bit inspired map

Into the Breach Gameplay 2

Get rid of monsters in every terrain

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