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10 Most Played RPGs of All Time
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9. Final Fantasy VII

Okay, this is not a PC title, I accept that. However, it was later released for the PC and now I can't really ignore it. Why? Well it was the first fully 3D Final Fantasy game that had all the old fans scrambling, as well as anyone who was at least curious about the series jump in. Though it was limited only to the Playstation at first, the game pretty much drew in anyone who owned the console - and that's a huge number!

Over time, a lot of people got curious enough to try the game, either via emulation, rental or at a friend's. Finally, with the release of the PC version, a whole new player base could get a taste and though it wasn't really fresh enough, it still had some of the new generation playing it, just because of its popularity. Though it's still not a true PC title, so I can't put it any higher.

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