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PlanetSide 2, gameplay, empires
Size. Always. Matters.

2. The Maps are Gigantic, Diverse.

PlanetSide 2, gameplay, Indar

A large air v. air assault on Indar overlooking a single base, the heart of a solitary lattice pice among several dozen others that make up the whole of the continent.

Each map has its own unique terrain that can either hinder or promote certain types of warfare or siege tactics. Snowy Esamir hosts mostly flat, wide-open tracts of land and clear skies, while the desert continent of Indar is home to towering cliffs, canyons, and sweeping mesas, making both maps ideal for rolling out armor columns to counter air attacks. Meanwhile, the woods and hills of Amerish and the swampland of Hossin, with its mesh of tree roots and obtrusive plantlife, both make ground maneuverability a slow, painstaking process.

When there's only 50 seconds left to reach the point, how you're able to deploy to it matters, and terrain can suddenly become as much of an obstacle as your opponent.

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