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Sexy Pokemon Cosplays
These cosplayers take "Gotta Catch 'em All" to a whole new level.

12. JinxKittieCosplay as Mimikyu

JinxKittieCosplay as the shy, ghostly Mimikyu.

11. Lie-Chee as Officer Jenny

Lie-Chee brings justice to Kanto as Officer Jenny.

10. WhiteSpringPro as Charizard

WhiteSpringsPro is the powerful fire type starter, Charizard.

9. Hendo Art as Ash Ketchum

Hendo Art cosplaying as the hero of the classic Pokemon TV show.

8.  Jessica Nigri as Pikachu

Jessica Nigri wears her famous Pikachu cosplay.

7. Rising Moon Cosplay as Lugia

Rising Moon Cosplay is the legendary Lugia from Pokemon Silver.

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