10 Worst League of Legends Champions Who Desperately Need a Buff: Page 3 of 10

10 Worst League of Legends Champions Who Desperately Need a Buff
Alistar still isn't viable

8. Galio

Galio lost his master and hopes to find a new purpose in the League

I love Galio! Just not playing him. His story is quite tragic which makes the fact that he is on this list even worse. This champion is supposed to play a unique role as a tanky mage. However, all he manages to do is to be a relatively tough skinned champion with mediocre abilities. His Q is a skillshot that does decent damage and his shield with the healing passive works as well. The gust on his E is next to useless and his ultimate can easily be interrupted or gotten out of with enough tenacity.

Galio needs some loving from Riot or he won’t be viable for a long time. A simple fix to make Galio awesome would be to turn his ultimate into a passive ability. Whenever a champion gets within a certain radius they are taunted and explode, it would be awesome!

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Cherrykuns 8 years 9 months ago

And I agree with Bard's rather annoying ult. It can save someone (or all of you) depending on the timing, and he's kinda hard to play. The portal seemed to be a good diversion, making the enemy think twice if they'd go the Magical Journey or not. Ekko's coming out pretty soon, and he seemed viable, but an assassin who 'might' not be able to one-shot somebody *cough*leBlanc*cough*, we'll see how he does after his debut.

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