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Games Like Warframe
Blazing action and brilliant gunplay

7. Monster Hunter: World

Hunt big or go home

Monster Hunter has been a critically acclaimed title for the PS2 and mobile gaming platforms for decades. This strategic action role-playing game exists in a miraculous world filled with beautiful, dazzling, and often dangerous, flora and fauna. The gameplay sets you and your allies on a treacherous frontier brimming with massive primeval creatures

You are armed to the teeth with powerful weapons all with their specific roles and unique play-styles from turret-sized rotating spearguns to kirkhammer-esque sword and shield weapons each capable of staggering attacks and spectacular abilities such as lashing out with bolts of lightning or launching you into the air for glamorous air-combos. From its refined playability, challenging hunt and kill system, and extensive crafting system introducing stylish weapons and armors, it is clear to see that Capcom nailed yet another Monster Hunter title and have blessed their fans with the current gen title they were dreaming of. Powerful servers and constant vigilance means that it is easier than ever for you to enjoy the hunting experience with players world-wide.

What stands out:

  • A world that breathes life
  • Epic hunts and titanic creatures

Conquer colossal creatures

Take up arms solo or in a party to vanquish colossal creatures

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