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Games Like Warframe
Blazing action and brilliant gunplay

2. Titanfall 2

Call down the titan!

Titanfall 2 stands on its golden mechanic: the feature to call down a titanic suit of mechanized armor to unleash chaos and rain fire down on your targets. Much like the fan base that is holding PlanetSide 2 up by its bootstraps, this game has refused to disappear and stands as a real gem amongst other titles focused on explosive and competitive arena shooting.

Respawn Entertainment had an ambitious task in mind while developing Titanfall 2 focusing a great deal on a single-player experience inspired by campaigns like Half-Life. As Jack Cooper, you are a rifleman who has recently been paired with BT-7274, a titan, after an ambush saw the two of you stranded on a remote planet known as Typhon. Inspired level design meticulously crafted to shape levels that felt alive and full for both pilot and titan opened the world for parkour inspired platforming and dexterous gunplay. This remains true for the multiplayer where you will face other pilots and their titans each with their own unique equipment and abilities. It’s unlikely we will be getting a Titanfall 3 considering the news hovering around but Titanfall 2 is still alive and still worth playing. Who knows, maybe we can save it.

What stands out:

  • Deadly, fast, and intuitive
  • Giant mech summons!

Dynamic free-form shooter

Gorgeous neo-industrial environments

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