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12. Dragon Age : Origins

Bring the dragon down – use swords, magic and bows


You are the Grey Warden of Ferelden and are chosen by Duncan, the commander of the Grey Wardens, himself. Duncan senses an Archdemon, a godlike creature, hosted in a powerful dragon, which makes him the first blight in over 400 years.  The Archdemon seeks to destroy the land of Ferelden and it is now your duty to save humanity and your home.

Why should you play it?

The game takes place in Ferelden, one of the several countries in the mythical continent of Thedas.  Demons known as Darkspawns dwell in the underground roads, deep beneath the surface of Thedas. Every few years they come to the surface and this is called the blight. Grey Wardens exist to tackle these blights.

This game came out back in 2009, but still remains one of our favourite RPGs. It features six strong origin stories, different races and classes and an awesome progression system.  Be sure to check it out.

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