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best Weapons in DnD (Legendary Weapons)
They don't make treasure hoards like they used to...

3. Wave

Gar Shatterkeel wields Whelm through the depths, spreading sea worship. 

A trident of unmatched power, Wave is perhaps the most powerful relic of White Plume Mountain. Engraved in the shaft are ornate sea motifs. Wave needs you to worship a sea god to wield it and will happily convert you. It demands that you spread sea worship as you wield it. A sentient weapon of extreme devotion, when Wave grows restless it sings sea shanties and ocean hymns.

Wave helps you command sea creatures. It grants water breathing and can similarly be used to create a cube of force. You can speak to sea creatures telepathically through Wave. A weapon of warning, it will tell you of impending danger. In combat, this trident has a +3 benefit and deals massive necrotic damage on criticals.

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