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9. Parasyte

An unlikely duo

In this manga, parasytes try to find their next human host as a victim, by way of entering through their nose and ears to take over their entire physical body. Shinichi Izumi, 17-year-old who stays with his parents In Tokyo, Japan, encounters one Parasyte while he is asleep and tries to come through his nose. But it fails and instead decides to take over his right hand. In short, they both, the parasyte and Shinichi, are able to maintain their sanity and keep a balance all while battling another parasytes who try to attack Shinichi.

• If you don’t mind a vintage manga style, I highly recommend Parasyte for you.

• It has plenty of volumes to read.

• Cartoonish but it is not an innocent manga.

A parasyte attacks an unsuspecting victim

Anyone could be next

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