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Hunt: Showdown Best Weapons
Lock and load.

4. The Winfield 1873

This is my rifle -

Every player will get to know the Winfield well. It is the first rifle the player has access to, although technically they only have access to the Winfield 1873C variant. The Winfield has numerous variants, and the best among them far and away is the Winfield 1873 (the standard pattern of the Winfield).

With a full fifteen round internal magazine and a great balance between controllability and rate of fire, the Winfield 1873 is nearly unmatched by comparable guns for its damage output. As a plus, it is also super cheap. A skilled player will be able to make use of this gun out to considerable ranges and still be lethal. New players will find it to be the best weapon in their arsenal when they unlock it for the first time. Looking at the stats, it's not hard to see why:

  • Capacity - 15+1/22
  • Cost - $78
  • Category - Large Weapon
  • Range - 50
  • Damage - 38
  • Control - 70
  • Rate of Fire - 60
  • Reload Speed - 40
  • Melee - 24
  • Stealth - 30
  • Heavy Melee - 36
  • Ammunition Type - Compact
  • Melee Damage Type - Blunt
  • Heavy Melee Damage Type - Blunt

The standard Winfield 1873 becomes available at level 14, one level before you lose your immunity from permadeath. This allows you to try it out for a couple of matches in order to get a feel for it and eventually incorporate it into your loadouts regularly.

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